Talaaq Petition

1. Overview 2. Talaaq (Divorce) Types
3. Requirements for Talaaq (Divorce) 4. Respond to a divorce petition
5. File for Talaaq (Divorce)  

1. Overview

You can request for Talaaq (Divorce) Petition under the following conditions:

  1. If you have obtained Decree Absolute from the Courts in the United Kingdom
    a Legal Court Divorce Certificate from any country.
  2. If you have completed Mediation process within the community and the mediation has failed.


What you need to do?

You need to fill the Talaaq Petition online. You will not require any documents or copies thereof for submitting the application form online. There is no need to upload any document or give out any ID or passort number while filling the application.

Make sure that the details you fill in the form are exactly the ones appearing on your passport or the valid ID.

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Talaaq (Divorce) Types